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IEIJS provide a special field of research thrust which present the model of a field of knowledge and contemporary cross-disciplinary research of Islamicerusalem Studies. Islamicjerusalem Studies is the first inaugural study introduced in higher education institutions in the Southeast Asian region in particular, and also the first introduced in Muslim countries worldwide.

Islamicjerusalem studies possesses a huge potential in the multi-dimensional study which ought to be explored and it provides a unique space for cross-disciplinary research as it is a relatively new field of study and is still in a state of development and consolidation.

This field of study are also cross-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary in nature and open to the aspects of international relations, geopolitics, geography, law, history, architecture, study of the Qur'an and Hadith and others.



The research focus of this Institute includes the discipline of history, geopolitics, economics, religion, society, art and culture. It covers an area of West Asian studies in relation to Jerusalem from the point of history, politics and international relations. It also extend the research of Islamicjerusalem to the whole world, especially the Muslim countries as well as the international institutions.



The Institute of Excellence for Islamicjerusalem Studies offers the following research areas:



International Studies


  1. Human Rights
  2. National Defence
  3. International Security and Management
  4. Ethnic Relations and Development
  5. Regional Studies
  6. Peace Studies
  7. Inter Civilizational Dialogue
  8. Islamic Tourism