1. To become a research-oriented institute of excellence in the field of Islamicjerusalem Studies in accordance with one of the main areas of the University, particularly the International Studies.

  2. To be the first Institute of Excellence in Islamicjerusalem Studies, particularly in the Southeast Asian region and in all parts of the Muslim world.

  3. To foster excellence in research, teaching and consultation in relation to Islamicjerusalem Studies. 

  4. To assist in research and consultation activities in Islamicjerusalem Studies by ensuring its relevance to current needs as well as helping to strengthen the University research profile.

  5. To create a favorable atmosphere for academic excellence in the field through the development of Islamicjerusalem Studies postgraduate programme (Master's and Doctoral).

  6. To promote the development and strengthening of Islamicjerusalem Studies as a field that is much needed through intellectual debate and understanding on related studies and its discipline diversification while producing scholarly research in this field.

  7. To play a major role in the development and structuring of Islamicjerusalem Studies research and teaching, both nationally and internationally.