It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Institute of Excellence for Islamicjerusalem Studies (IEIJS) website. It is a great honour for IEIJS of University Utara Malaysia (UUM) College of Law, Government and International Studies (COLGIS) to be the first and the only academic institution in the Muslim world and the second in the globe that focuses on Islamicjerusalem Studies. A special appreciation goes to UUM, which pioneers this great initiative to establish this innovative institute. Indeed, UUM seems very interested and committed to develop and promote the new field of inquiry of Islamicjerusalem Studies since 2012 when the founder of this new field, Prof. Abd El-Fattah El-Awaisi came here as a Visiting Professor of International Studies. To institutionalise the advancement of this new field, on 13 January 2013, UUM Senate approved the establishment of IEIJS. In addition to advancing research and scholarship in Islamicjerusalem Studies, this unique institute would promote this new field of enquiry.

Islamicjerusalem Studies is an intellectually exciting and interesting new field of inquiry, which seeks to understand the region of Islamicjerusalem from an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective. The field explores the historical and theological status of the region within the Islamic tradition, as well as examining the ways in which the region has been manifest in particular historical and social contexts. Significantly, the region, which was known with enduring multi-religious conflicts had been transformed into peaceful co-existence for the first time ever, just after the first Muslim conquest. As a reflection to this inspiring character of Islamicjerusalem, IEIJS is proud to promote ?Peaceful Co-Existence and Mutual Respect to All Mankind? as our motto. Furthermore, to enhance the Institute research profile, IEIJS plans to bring together established expertise in teaching and research at UUM as well as from other prominent Malaysian and international universities, and intends to play a leading role in intellectual discourse on contemporary and significant issues relating to Islamicjerusalem region, West Asia, Muslim world and the globe.

The Institute aims to meet the learning needs of aspiring postgraduate students as well as those who interested in Islamicjerusalem region and its surrounding area. It aims to achieve an international profile among scholars and students of Islamicjerusalem studies, and to deliver a multi-disciplinary teaching and research programme of this new field of inquiry at national and international levels. Therefore, the Institute is delighted to cordially welcome potential research students who are interested in Islamicjerusalem Studies, including some relevant areas in the field such as West Asian issues, Islam and Muslim world, also global world and international institutions to register as Master (research mode) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidates. To show our commitment towards academic excellence and outstanding research, we?re pleased to offer few scholarships to the applicants with excellent proposals.

Although IEIJS is a newborn institute, I believe IEIJS can flourish in the near future with bright vision and mission, excellent teamwork and continuous support from all.

Thank you

Dr. Aminurraasyid Yatiban
Institute of Excellence for Islamicjerusalem Studies (IEIJS)