About Us

The Institute of Excellence for Islamicjerusalem Studies (IEIJS) has been established since 2011. The term ?Islamicjerusalem? which may be translated into the Arabic language as Bayt al-Maqdis was proposed as terms of reference as it is more accurate in terms of the Muslims understanding especially in Malaysia. The term ?Islamicjerusalem? in English is equivalent to 'Baitulmaqdis' as the scholars and public understanding of the West's on 'Jerusalem' only means part of Israel territory. Hence, the name Jerusalem must be used together with ?Islamic? to emphasize on the meaning of Islamic on Jerusalem as the basic theoretical reference are sourced directly from the core Islamic reference. The term Islamicjerusalem has been adopted by the international academic world as expressed through the publication of books by IB Tauris International, Almi Academic Press, United Kingdom and the Academy of Islamic Studies, Universiti Malaya. These terms are also used by the University of Aberdeen in its official graduation at the Masters and PhD level from year 2005.

In short, Islamicjerusalem Studies can be defined as a field of humanity studies and social science multidisciplinary and regional studies (area studies) by scholarly, critically and theoretically based on the discipline of history, religion, geo-political, economic, socio-cultural and international relations with the comprehensive focus on the questions of Jerusalem, the Middle East and the international world.