Dr. Sherko Kirmanj Profile Page
Dr. Sherko Kirmanj
Visiting Senior Lecturer
04 - 928 6756
School of International Studies, College of Law, Government and International Studies


Sherko Kirmanj earned his PhD in international studies at the University of South Australia. He is the author of Identity and Nation in Iraq (Boulder USA: Lynne Rienner) and Politicisation of Islam: the Phenomenon of Islamism (Sulaimani Kurdistan-Iraq: Sardam House for Publishing and Printing, 2005). He has published widely in English and Kurdish. HIs recent publications, in English, include: ?the Clash of Identities in Iraq? in Iraq between Occupations, eds. A. Baram, A. Rohde and R. Zeidel; ?Challenging the Islamist Politicization of Islam? in Political Islam from Muhammad to Ahmadinejad, ed. J. Skelly; ?Islam, Politics, and Government? in Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions; ?The Relationship between Traditional and Contemporary Islamist Political Thought? in Middle East Review of International Affairs. Sherko was the Director of Human Capacity Development Program at the Ministry of Higher Education in Kurdistan. He also lectured at the College of Law and Politics at the University of Salahaddin, Erbil, Kurdistan. He was Visiting Academic at UniSA serving also as a Research Fellow, Ministry of Higher Education, Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq. Sherko is currently a Visiting Senior Lecturer at the University of Utara Malaysia.

Field of Interests

identity, nation, nationalism, ethnic and sectarian Conflict, Islam, Islamism and Islamic political thought