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INTELLECTUAL DISCOURSE "What is happening NOW in Egypt?"


UUM ONLINE : The unrest happening in Egypt after the fall of the Mubarak regime and the Muslim Brotherhood's victory led by Dr. Mohamed Morsi is still spreading even in the month of Ramadan. This situation has caused more than 12,000 Malaysian students in Egypt being put on high alert to ensure their safety and that their studies in various fields, especially religion and medicine can be pursued continuously. Accordingly, the School of International Studies (SOIS) , College of Law, Government and International Studies, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM COLGIS) and the Institute of Excellence for Islamicjerusalem Studies (IEIJS) jointly organized the Intellectual Discourse entitled What is Happening NOW in Egypt? at the Islamic Center Seminar Hall, Universiti Utara Malaysia on the 22nd of July 2013.

During the discussion, panelists discussed the most recent developments that occurred in Egypt which bring out multiple reactions by countries throughout the whole world. Distinguished Visiting Professor at Universiti Utara Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Abd Al - Fattah El - Awaisi originating from Palestine said that Malaysians should take heed over the issue of unrest in Egypt so that the incident did not happen in this country.  Meanwhile, former Malaysian ambassador to Egypt , Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohd Fakhrudin Abdul Mukti, said that each country must have situation where conscious political exchange of views are considered as a priority in order to ensure stability in governing the country. "We cannot continue with the agenda by marching in the streets to change the government as what they have in Egypt because it would only harm many people as democracy would be uphold by way of negotiation and discussion in order to find the best solution" he said after recently completed his service earlier this month. 

On the same note, a Malaysian student in Egypt, Mohd Ismail Al - Bakri, said that they have always consulted the Malaysian embassy in Cairo to find out the latest developments on the unrest. "We always comply with the embassy?s directive and look after their own safety since the 2011 experience during the fall of the Mubarak regime has taught the Malaysian students in Egypt to be more careful" he said. He also said that students are not allowed to interfere in the political affairs abroad to the extent that even walking in groups are not allowed by the authorities as it may cause them to be accused of establishing a parade topple the government" he said. Also present, SOIS Dean, Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani and Deputy Director of International Affairs and Cooperation (CIAC), Dr. Marlin Marissa Malek Abdul Malek . 


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